Philip McCormac

Rattlesnake out now!

In the New Mexico territory of the 1870's, a rancher rescues an abused, dying boy from the desert, nurses him back to health and gives him a new name and a new home. He could not foresee that the youngster he would come to love and cherish would one day pick up the mantle of his real father to become a skilled and deadly gunman.

The quiet orphan is happy with his new identity and his new family - until the day his adopted family is brutally taken from him, unleashing the dark and deadly side of his nature to seek vengeance.

As the death toll mounts, the ruthless killers give him a third and final name - the Rattlesnake Kid. Fast and deadly, no one knows who he is or what he looks like, until the split second before they meet him. For just like a rattlesnake, the Kid always gives a warning before striking.

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This latest novel is available in most eBook formats through Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Books on Board, Diesel eBooks, eBookMall,, FictionWise, Mobipocket, Powells, Kobe (ShortCovers), the Sony Reader Store, Virtual Tales, Waterstones, WHSmith and many other outlets worldwide. It is also available as an eSerial exclusively through the Virtual Tales website. Interested readers can view the first four chapters of RATTLESNAKE for free by visiting the Virtual Tales website, or by sending an email to

Alternatively, the paperback can be ordered at for delivery from the US.

Phil McCormac effortlessly mixes grittiness and tenderness. The pace pulls you along and kept me reading to the end, and is yet another worthy addition to my 'McCormac collection'.

- Andrew Richardson, Author The Wood, The Shoot, and Andraste's Blade


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